Artesia AG-41

The Artesia AG-41 Digital Grand Piano offers a complete package of style and elegance with the latest in music technology.  From its exquisite polished ebony cabinet to its expressive grand piano sound, powerful speaker sound delivery, and assortment of instrument voice and accompaniment sounds, this instrument combines it all into one beautiful, elegant musical instrument.


Polished Ebony Cabinet

The Artesia AG-41 features an sophisticatedly crafted 4′ 1″ enclosure with a beautiful polished seven layer hand rubbed Ebony gloss finish to give a deep, rich luster.  The fallboard is designed such that the panel controls can be completely hidden – making the instrument appear like a real acoustic grand piano!  And the matching duet storage bench is perfect for storing your sheet music and wide enough for two to sit and play together.

Piano Keyboards Hammer Action

The Artesia AG-41 natural balanced hammer action keyboard brings the feel of an acoustic grand piano to your finger tips. Its advanced, weighted hammer action design offers excellent response and smooth playability that will satisfy even the most demanding teacher or professional performer.


Incredible Sound

The Artesia AG-41 offers incredible sound realism with its acoustic sound sample processing.  It records the actual acoustic instrument capturing their remarkable depth, expression and essence.  Instruments such as Pianos, Guitars, Wood Winds and Brass Instruments, plus Drums, Percussion, Synthesizers and so many more.  All instrument voices have incredible dynamic response.
Play these MP3 files to hear the piano yourself.