گیتار اسپانیایی ریموندو سری آکوستیک مدل BN-2
گیتار اسپانیایی ریموندو(ریماندو) Raimundo سری Bossa Nova مدل BN-2
The guitar Raimundo Bossa nova 2 is a classical guitar made made in Spain with lower string action than standard classical guitars and with 640mm scale length.‎ It features a solid cedar top or solid spruce top, solid Walnut body, American Cedar neck, ebony fingerboard, and golden machine heads with wooden pegs.‎ It also have a narrow neck of 51.‎5 mm.‎ Beautiful sweet guitar that is lovely to play, very soulful and charming.‎ This is a new type of guitar with a special design in order to ensure maximum comfort for all types of guitar players.‎ In particular, however, this model is perfect for jazz players, acoustic guitar players and electric guitarists.‎