Zimmermann Z 185 Standard

Zimmermann Z 185 Standard grand: The head of the Zimmermann family boasts a powerful voice and robust workmanship.

The Zimmermann Z 185 Standard is exactly the right choice if you’re looking for a mid-sized piano with a powerful voice that offers European quality at an affordable price. With its comfortable touch, good dynamics and surprising sound volume, the Zimmermann HZ 185 grand piano seduces even accomplished and discriminating pianists. Made exclusively of carefully processed materials, the Zimmermann Z 185 Standard grand — like all pianos of the Zimmermann brand — is built to the high technical and aesthetic requirements of the Bechstein quality management procedure. This procedure guarantees constant quality, measured by European criteria, and sets new standards. The result is an affordably priced instrument that boasts a stunting acoustic quality and fully deserves the “designed by Bechstein” label. The Zimmermann Z 185 Standard grand piano stands out as a true alternative to second-hand instruments.



150 cm / 59.5"
185 cm / 6'1
360 kg / 720lbs
Black polished