آدمیرا مدل VIRTUOSO ECF Electro Classicall

Ademira model VIRTUOSO ECF Electro Classicall

ویژگی ها

Pre-Amp : Fishman Classic Blend

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he Admira Virtuoso ECF is a well banced solid top Electro classical guitar with cutaway body designed for students teachers and performers.‎ The  Admira Virtuoso ECF is a spanish guitar Made in Spain and is a guitar with a very good sound considering its price, the sound is rich, full of details and well balanced.‎ The Admira Virtuoso ECF incorporates a cutaway body with solid cedar top, mongoy back and sides, african mahogany neck, Kabukali fingerboard, Kabukali bridge and gold plated machine heads with Lyra.‎ Polished finish. The pickup and preamp is the Fishman Classic Blend with pickup, microphone and tuner.‎ This guitar does not need a CITES permit outside the European Union

توضیحات تکمیلی

جنس سردسته

African Mahogany

جنس بريج


جنس صفحه‌ي رويي

Solid Cedar

جنس صفحه‌ي پشتي


جنس صفحات کناري


جنس صفحه‌ي انگشت‌گذاري


جنس ماشين هد

Gold Plated Lyre


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