آدمیرا مدلMALAGA EC CONSERVATORIO Electro-Classical

Ademira model MALAGA EC CONSERVATORIO Electro-Classical

ویژگی ها

Pickups: 1x Fishman Sonicore Classical

Electronics: Fishman Clasica III, 1x Volume, 3-Band EQ, Phase Switch, Built-In Tuner with LED display

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The Admira Malaga EC is an entry level electro-classical guitar with cutaway body designed for the budget-conscious.‎ Despite the low price, the  Admira Malaga EC is a proper spanish guitar Made in Spain with good materials, a solid top, nice craftmanship and a very good sound for its price.‎ The action in the guitar is perfect for beginners and students and the sound is very well balanced.‎ The Admira Malaga EC incorporates an Oregon pine solid top, cutaway body, sapelly back and sides, African Mahogany neck and Kabukalli fingerboard and bridge.‎ The pickup and pre-amp is a Admira EQ-6Fishman Classic III as option

توضیحات تکمیلی

جنس بريج


جنس صفحه‌ي رويي

Solid Cedar

جنس صفحه‌ي پشتي

Sapele Mahogany

جنس صفحات کناري

Sapele Mahogany


Classical Electro-Acoustic

جنس صفحه‌ي انگشت‌گذاري


جنس ماشين هد



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