ویولن استنتور (Stentor) مدل Outfit 4/4 1542E

Stentor violin, Outfit 4/4 1542E model

ویژگی ها



The Stentor Graduate is an excellent student violin outfit for the progressing student or adult beginner with a strong good quality brazilwood bow and a stylish oblong case.‎ It is a good option for students progressing from their first instrument or just starting.‎ The violin is carved from solid tonewoods and features an attractive shaded satin varnish.‎ It has ebony fingerboard and pegs and is fitted with synthetic gut strings for improved sound.‎ Completing the Stentor Graduate outfit is a lightweight oblong case with integral cover in black and grey two-tone design with safety reflectors, a fitted interior with accessory pocket and two bow holders, hygrometer, carrying straps and case blanket, as well as a reliable wood bow with ebony frog.‎

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